The GS1 System Architecture

This document is a companion document to the GS1 System Landscape document. The present document complements the GS1 System Landscape by providing an architectural view of how the components of the GS1 System fit together and the foundations that underlie the entire system.

This document has several aims:
■ To enumerate, at a high level, each of the hardware, software, and data standards that are part of the GS1 System and to show how they are related.
■ To explain the underlying technical foundations that have guided the design of individual standards and service components within the GS1 System. These underlying foundations provide unity across all elements of the GS1 System and provide guidance for the development of future standards and new services.
■ To provide architectural guidance to end users and solution providers seeking to implement GS1 Standards and to use GS1 Services, and to set expectations as to how these elements will function.
■ To define the top-level architecture of GS1 Services, which provide common

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