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GS1 France collaborative traceability platform

Dedicated to all players of the agribusiness and logistics chain, this collaborative traceability platform offers an online space where product traceability data can be shared with supply chain operators and consumers.

The value of the traceability data extends far beyond regulatory frameworks relating to consumer safety or quality requirements specific to each business.

Yet this data is currently fragmented into as many systems as there are players to collect it.

Without well established, highly structured communication and data networks, this information is only marginally shared and used.

GS1 France is offering a collaborative traceability platform to all players of the agribusiness and logistics.

The platform was developed around a common language, the event-based traceability standard (EPCIS), and:

  • supports the real-time input of traceability data from various sources,
  • manages the management of access rights, and allows all authorised third parties to search data about the life of a product,
  • interfaces with applications designed for different uses of traceability data.